Here is all the games i have made, with various engines and technologies.
So far i know how to make games with Flash, Unity3d and Gamemaker.

My first Air fighter game

my first game! This game a arcade style air fighter game.
It is all about avoiding kamakazi planes and dodging bullets from the enemy, while earning points by killing the enemy by shooting before them, it is also possible to get power-ups
they go in the form of:

  • B – for Bonus points
  • G – for Gun(s) upgrade
  • H – for Health/repair
  • L – for extra life/planes

you should try this game and let me know how high your score is, you might have the ability to surpas the master.
I made this game in gamemaker, using about 2 days of spare time at school. (2.38 mb)

6th. semester product – webcam controlled platformer

unfortunatly am I not giving you the chance of downloading this game, because of agreements made with various parties. but you can get a little inside look of how the game is, here are some design pictures and in-game screenshots. if you have any questions, are you more than welcome

the very first draft of the game


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