Academic Work

Haptic Feedback for Mid-air Interaction @ University of Copenhagen

The thesis present the design and evaluation of two ways (Pneumatic and Ultrasound) of providing haptic feedback in mid-air. The feedback is to return some of the tangibility of interacting with computers that is lost when interaction is moved from a display surfaces (e.g., a touch screen) into mid-air (e.g., using Leap Motion or a Kinect).

Bachelor project @ Aalborg University

completed with three fellow students. The project was entitled ‘The Engaging Experience of Motion Parallax’ and was primarily about establishing a useable method for measuring engagement in games and the engaging effects of using a untethered 3D illusion. The effect is based on principles of motion parallax. The method delevoped for measuring engagement, which we coined Engagement Interruption Method (EIM) proved to be effective for measuring engagement in games.


Fifth semester @ Aalborg University

Semester theme: Audiovisual Experiments – Computer Graphics and Animation

The Perspectives of Shock

The motivation behind this project was to see if a screen media solution with multiple perspectives on the same narrative could enhance the scary moments in a film. Fear and several theories were investigated within this field. Firstly the theory behind fear was detailed as well as the symptoms of immediate fear and anxiety. Several pre-tests were performed in order to determine how these symptoms could be measured on a viewer watching a horror movie. From this, a new conclusion was made, namely that fear is not easily measured upon. However, shock was clearly detectable and it was therefore necessary to define shock as something to be tested upon. After this several horror film techniques were explored and the genre of the final product was determined to be a horror mocumentary short film. A narrative was established as well as a general filming plan, further more what effects could be implemented in order to enhance the shock moment The test was performed using a Biopac to measure heart rate and video observations to confirm the reactions to the shock as well as a questionnaire. The sources were then compared in order to determine whether or not the final problem statement was answered. This was not the case however, and the project is deemed to not have been a success, because of the lack of answer to the final problem formulation and the large amount of test data which had to be compared.

Trailer – The Perspectives of Shock [Medialogy]

This video is from my time at Aalborg University while at the 5th. semester. it is a trailer showing test persons viewing our final product via 3 screens, to answer our hypotesis that extra viewing angles to the story of a horror film would lead to higher tendency to shock. however, the we find that the answer weren’t yes or no but rather the level of shocks was overall equal but that the overall rating of the movie was higher with the extra viewing angle. it should be taken into consideration that novelty could be an issue that influenced the result.

Third semester @ Aalborg University

Semester theme: Human Senses – Digital Perception

Interactive Presentation

The report is an attempt to introduce a way to interact with a digital presentation in an academic environment.
In the pre‐analysis it was determined that the interaction the presentation would focus on emphasis of elements.
During the analysis possible of the interactivity were covered. It was found that by scaling objects it would provide emphasis and would improve the communication flow. Through testing and research it was found that body language was too subtle to use in an interactive presentation therefore natural body movements were implemented.
Using C++ and OpenCV libraries a webcam prototype product was produced. This product was tested on a series of university students. The test showed that this prototype provided emphasis and was thought to be generally useful in a presentation.
Although the results did not show that there was a connection between emphasis and the ability to recall specific information.

Medialogy – presentation tool

This is a video from my time at Aalborg University Copenhagen, while on the 3rd semester. The project concerning development of a presentation tool, which could lead to new ways of interacting… created by utilzing OpenCV liberiaries and is controlled via a webcam. Research was focused on current presentation methods and communication skills.
the conclusion lead to agreeing with our hypotesis that the product could be used to ease and amplify information of presenations.
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